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About Me

Hi there! My name is Patrick Belanger.

I'm a game designer/programmer, with a strong love of music and indie games. Thoroughly invested in finding ways to bring joy to people through interactive media.

I have a BS (Computer Science) and an MFA (Digital Media and Design) from the University of Connecticut. I'm currently working as a game designer and programmer on the game Wildermyth, at Worldwalker Games.

I've mainly created games in Unity (C#) and Java, including a lot of work in VR and Source Control for most projects through GitHub.

Though I'm primarily a programmer, I also enjoy dabbling in music composition (Reaper, Logic Pro), and have some experience in Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Premiere.


  • Unity
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Adobe Flash
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • C#
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Game Development combines my love of music, storytelling, art, and programming to bring experiences to life.


Party-based procedural storytelling RPG - Programmer, Java

Fall 2018 - 2024

Wildermyth is a party-based tactical strategy procedural storytelling RPG, written in a homebrew Java engine on top of the LibGDX Java framework. I'm one of two programmers on the small team, so I've worked on a bunch of different things:

  • Tons of UX/UI work, making sure players understand how to play the game with clear visual feedback, and that UI works at many different resolutions and scales
  • Hero and enemy ability design and implementation
  • Story Campaign mechanics implementation
  • Various animation and particle effects
  • Helped to implement/improve multiplayer design, interactions, and visual feedback
  • Helped to set up and program controller support, including designing layout and intuitive controls
  • Worked with our musician and sound designer to implement audio in-game (occasionally dipping into FMOD to troubleshoot issues)
  • Worked with our translators to add in localization for Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Latin American Spanish, French, and Russian, including translations for store pages and announcements
  • Deployed the game and DLC to Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and, including putting out regular updates
  • Fixed issues required to get the game Steam Deck Verified
  • Constantly interacted with players on our Discord, Steam forums, Reddit, Twitch, and email to resolve bugs, discuss feedback, and overall cultivate a community where players feel listened to and respected
  • Improved developer tools for both our team and Wildermyth modders, including implementing feedback from modders to help improve the modding experience, and occasionally creating modding resources (like the Comic Editor Reference on our wiki)
  • Managed and stylized the Wildermyth Wiki (Most of the wiki pages are player-written, with a number of exceptions like the Comic Editor Reference mentioned above)

Wildermyth launched on Steam in 2021, and we've been continuing to add features, bugfixes, and DLC since then!

View Wildermyth on Steam

Game Developers Choice Awards Finalist: Innovation Award
"Finalist: Innovation Award" - Game Developers Choice Awards

Nova Swarm

1v4 Local VR Multiplayer Space Battle Arena, Unity

Spring 2018

Nova Swarm is a 1v4 local multiplayer VR space battle game. A maniacal AI ship (the VR player) with a powerful laser, rechargeable shield, and undying hatred of the human race faces off against an armada of humans (up to four players with standard XBox or similar controllers) piloting fragile but agile ships capable of using a variety of weapon and tactical item configurations. Not only that, but the ships are invisible when they’re not shooting. Grab four friends, or just face off against some CPU players. Either way, there will be tons of explosions.

This game is free to download on You'll need a VR headset + controller and (if you want to play against more than just AI) a gamepad for every other human player you have.

Dungeon Frenzy

Couch Multiplayer 4-Player Party Game, Construct2

Spring 2017

4 Players. 10 minigames. 1 screen. Play with controllers. Play with your phones. Play with your friends! Created by 5 students in a Multiplayer Game Design class at UConn, each student contributing two games.

For reference, I created the main game system (a lot of under-the-hood programming to do with setting scores and players), the connective game linking the other games together, and the two minigames "Turret Trouble" and "Windy Day".

(Playing with your phones isn't supported, we never got around to doing that)

Play Dungeon Frenzy!

Mecha Team

Multiplayer Game, Unity

Fall 2015

The toys are getting rowdy! In MechaTeam, a cooperative multiplayer action game, you use your phone to look around and destroy every enemy you see. Three players are placed at different heights in the same mech, and must work together to destroy enemies. By pressing buttons simultaneously, players can swap weapons and make the mech turn. Though it can be played standing up, this game is most fun experienced in a spinning chair.


Platformer, Construct2

Spring 2015

Luna is an aspiring scientist at her lab, and is excited to beta test her rocket wrists. However, when the Vitality Stone is stolen by a mysterious figure, it's up to her to get it back!

Hover is an independent game created by the two-person team of Patrick Belanger and Allie Falco, using Construct 2.

Play Hover!

Music is mostly a hobby for me at the moment, but one that I'm incredibly passionate about.
Most of the tracks listed here are available for free download at and

Beep Boop, Electric Soup!

Garageband, Logic, LMMS, Protools, and Reaper

2015 - 2020

Over the years as a hobby, I've made quite a few instrumental songs, many which will never be finished (due to changing hardware and software, among other things), but that I still find joy in listening to. This album is a mishmosh of those songs, some more complete-sounding than others.


Piano/Vocal Cover

Fall 2016

A cover of Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen, as made popular by Rufus Wainwright. All music performed by and edited in Logic Pro by Patrick Belanger. All video editing done in Adobe Premiere by Patrick Belanger.

Thanks to Ryan Glista for filming me!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Logic Pro


A collection of music for use in the Plays for Young Audiences (PYA) play, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". More information can be found on the album page or the PYA page.

Animation was where it all started for me. At this point, I mostly dabble, but still have strong feelings for the beauty of motion.

Things In Space

After Effects Composition

Summer 2017

Things in Space was created by students in the Manchester Community Youth Art Initiative's Young Writers and Illustrators Project. Now in its third year, the program brings together high school writers, artists and translators to design, illustrate, and write a children’s picture book. This book, which was printed through generous funding from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, will be distributed to Manchester’s incoming 2017 Kindergarten class. Written in both Spanish and English, Things in Space hopes to encourage early childhood literacy for all.

Digital Layout and Animation by Patrick Belanger

Go Back Inside

After Effects Composition

Fall 2016

The music video for an original song called "Go Back Inside" by Ryan Glista. Video created by and starring Patrick Belanger and Ryan Glista. All text created by Ryan, all particle effects created by Patrick.


After Effects Animation

Fall 2016

A looped character animation, utilizing the Duik AE plugin.

Contact me!

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